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Breeze T-Accounts by CompAcct Solutions Ltd. is a computer software program.  It is designed for beginners to get started in accounting. Its primary use is to assist in analysing accounting transactions using T-Accounts. It is focused on Bookkeeping which includes the analysis and recording of transacstions in Accounting. After a transaction has been analyzed using the T-Accounts in the program the transaction details can be viewed in the General Journal. In the Full Edition of the program a Journal entry can be posted into the General Ledger. The Full Edition of the program can be used as a rudimentary Bookkeeping program to Trial Balance.

You can use the T-Accounts Display to analyze transactions using one of the following methods. The Accounting Equation can be automatically calculated as amounts are entered into the T-Accounts and journalized.

Screen Shots

T-Accounts Display

T-Accounts Display

Accounting Equation

Accounting Equation

General Journal Entries Window

General Journal Entries Window

Editions of the Program

Free Edition

Get started in accounting using T-Accounts with the Free Edition. The Free Edtion of the program allows users, within the limitations of the License Agreement, to practise analysing and recording transactions which is the most fundamental aspect of Accounting. In the Free Edition transactions can only be analysed but not saved. Generally the features of the program that are Not Usable in the Free Edition include:

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Full Edition

The Full Edition of the program allows users to access all features and procedures of the program. An Activation Key is required to activate the Free Edition into the Full Edition.

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Trial Edition

The Trial Edition of the program allows the user a limited number of uses of the Full Edition to assess the program. Once the Trial period expires it will revert to the Free Edition. An Activation Key is required to activate the Free Edition into the Trial Edition.

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