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CompAcct Solutions Ltd. is the developer and provider of the Power Excel for Financial Statements E-Course. This E-Course has been specifically developed as a training course in Microsoft Excel for Accountants. The E-Course was designed by an Accountant for Accountants. The Course is presented in a number of stand alone Microsoft PowerPoint presentations Case Studies that are viewed using the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer packaged in a stand alone executable file. You DO NOT need Microsoft PowerPoint installed to view the E-Course Case Study presentations but you must meet the systems requirements that are outlined in the Download section. The Free Introduction Evaluation Package that can be downloaded will illustrate how the E-Course will be presented and whether the you have a system compatible to view the E-Course.


The Practical Application of the E-Course will be to illustrate how to develop a reusable Excel template for a Balance Sheet and Income Statement that will be populated with the data from reoccurring Trial Balance reports that can be exported into an Excel worksheet from your accounting software. Developing an Excel template where the template formulas are dynamic and independent of the data source and not fixed to one specific Excel workbook requires an advanced understanding of Excel. Therefore the users of this E-Course should be either Advanced or Expert Excel Users.


Learn how to convert exported Excel Trial Balance reports into Excel Database Tables


Excel Database Table



Learn how to link these Excel Database Tables to an Excel Financial Statement Template dynamically



Excel Databse Control Sheet


The Power Excel for Financial Statements  E-Course is interfaced and operated from a Microsoft .Net coded Course Program that must be installed and registered on your computer. Again, you must meet the systems requirements that are outlined in the Download section.


Use the Free Introduction Evaluation Package for this purpose and to determine whether this E-Course is right for you.


Course Program 


Certificate of Completion


After completing the Certification Criteria, which includes required Time Credits and a Quiz, a Certificate of Completion can be printed from the Course Program as above. The  Certificate of Completion confirms 6.5 Course Hours, however it also contains a disclaimer that the course hours are not guaranteed for any specific Education Credits  or Continuing Professional Education Credits.


The Power Excel for Financial Statements E-Course is Video Illustrated

Watch the Trailer Video included in the Free Introduction Evaluation Package

(The embedded Windows Media file is best viewed in Internet Explorer; Right click video for pop up menu to expand.)


Sorry, your browser doesn't support the PXL4FS Trailer embedded video. Try Internet Explorer and enable Allow blocked content. Or Download the Free Introduction Evaluation Package which includes the PXL4FS Trailer video.




System Requirements


Note: (This e-Course has been developed as a number Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show Presentations. However the Microsoft PowerPoint program is not required to view any of the Slide Slow Presentations as each Slide Show Presentation (Case Study) included in the E-Course has been compiled into a stand-alone executable file that embeds the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer for viewing the Slide Show Presentation.

Free Introduction Evaluation Package


The Introduction presentation of the Power Excel for Financial Statements  E-Course can be downloaded for evaluation purposes using the link below:


Download the PXL4FS1_Eval.zip file. Extract the files from the zip file and then run the PXL4FS_Startup.exe program included in the extracted files.





Canadian Flag The Power Excel for Financial Statements  E-Course is currently only offered in Canada at a price of $149 CDN plus Shipping + Taxes.



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